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Agripreneur Podcast

Where Argiculture meets Entrepreneurship! Agripreneur blends agriculture and entrepreneurship together to promote growth in the agricultural sector. The Agripreneur Podcast will have exciting and educational interviews with entrepreneurs and business leaders to understand their thought process and risk management practices with a emphasis of tying the information back to farm operations bringing value to farmers and other individuals in the Ag sector. The Agripreneur Podcast will address the pain points farmers have and understand the pain points of the bankers, ag salesman and others in the agricultural field and will work toward identifying a common ground in where all Agripreneurs can thrive.

Jul 4, 2018

Growing a YouEconomy


Episode Recap:

On this Fourth of July, the hosts are joined by John Pfanner, a commodity consultant at Tredas. Today’s episode is all about building a personal brand, as they take a look at the article, “3 Lessons for Growing a YouEconomy,” by Emma Johnson of

Now more than ever, people are leaving the workforce to pioneer their own businesses and brands. Because of this, it is crucial to build an identity in what you do, who you serve, and why people should listen to you. That is why Phil, Landon, and John, break down the three major lessons introduced in this article.

They discuss how to receive, react, and leverage audience feedback. If you aren’t receiving feedback at all, don’t worry! Landon talks about how to establish a level of credibility and evoke a reaction from your audience.

Later in the episode, you’ll learn about some successes of others and how to apply that to your own entrepreneurial goals. They take a look at the strategic moves Amazon is making to continue to be a power-house in multiple markets, and John tells a story about how a local business is taking their local product to a large scale store like Walmart.

Whether you are in the agriculture industry or just interested in entrepreneurship, this episode is for you. Sit back, relax, and learn the secrets to building your very own YouEconomy.


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“Building what you see as the future, and having the ability to preach that to your followers will help you build your following, hold on to them, and make them raving fans of whatever your movement is”


You’ll Learn:

[00:00] — Opening Remarks

[01:24] — Introduction of the article, “3 Lessons for Growing a YouEconomy,” by Emma Johnson

[02:26] — “Go niche. Super niche” - The benefits of appealing to a smaller group of people to increase loyalty.

[05:40] — “Listen to your audience” - What Johnson has done to create a community with her audience.

[06:20] — How to respond to feedback and criticism from your audience

[08:09] — The way receiving audience feedback has changed and how we can leverage that change to connect with them

[09:25] — What to do when you are not getting much feedback or engagement

[11:16] — How one company focused on their niche market to create a prospering business

[12:54] Phil talks about Amazon’s new pharmacy and how the company is becoming the go-to for everything. John agrees but explains why some businesses do not like going through the platform.

[16:45] — How one company is taking their product from a local Walmart to their regional area, and what it takes for a local business to get into such a large store.

[18:33] — “Creating a Movement Around Your Personal Brand” - Identifying your revolution and getting your audience excited.

[20:00] — Tredas’ unique competitive advantage.

[22:02] — The way social media marketers are focusing on their ideal clients’ niche and are finding success.

[23:12] — Landon explains what happens when you become obsessed with the content.  John finds a new article and gives a brief overview of Amazon’s new delivery service.

[27:09] — Closing Remarks



3 Lessons for Growing a YouEconomy

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