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Agripreneur Podcast

Where Argiculture meets Entrepreneurship! Agripreneur blends agriculture and entrepreneurship together to promote growth in the agricultural sector. The Agripreneur Podcast will have exciting and educational interviews with entrepreneurs and business leaders to understand their thought process and risk management practices with a emphasis of tying the information back to farm operations bringing value to farmers and other individuals in the Ag sector. The Agripreneur Podcast will address the pain points farmers have and understand the pain points of the bankers, ag salesman and others in the agricultural field and will work toward identifying a common ground in where all Agripreneurs can thrive.

Jul 28, 2018

Episode Recap:

In this week’s episode of the Agripreneur Podcast, Phil and Landon sit down with Brandon Peterson of DPA Auctions, SELFiD, and many other companies. His passion for entrepreneurship and building businesses is what got him to where he is today. There is a lot to be covered when it comes to a conversation with Brandon and the hosts waste no time.

First, Brandon takes us through his background of how he became so into entrepreneurship and what he did when he first realized his talent at such a young age. Phil asks about what other businesses he is involved with, which leads into an conversation about a new smart technology that is changing the game.

Later, Brandon discloses how DPA is leveraging social media to their advantage and talks about auctioneering in the agriculture industry. You’ll learn the best time to buy and sell used equipment and what major difference there is between DPA and their competitors. Also, Brandon explains how he brought his innovative ideas about video to the board and shares his outlook on innovation, influencers, and decision makers. This episode is full of first hand experiences and insight that will be great for people in any industry.


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“Before anyone listens to you, you have to get their attention”


You’ll Learn:

[00:00] — Introduction of Brandon Peterson

[00:27] — The Peterson family background, the history of the company, and how they got to where they are now

[03:00] — The journey of being someone who has an entrepreneurial spirit and interested in building businesses

[05:08] — Brandon’s background in leadership and the mentors he’s had throughout his life

[07:27] — What businesses Brandon has started and what they do

[09:26] — Brandon explains one of his unique companies called “Geo Key,” and Landon shares his experience with this smart technology access

[13:30] — Specific trends in agriculture from Brandon’s perspective of being in the auctioneering industry

[14:55] — The financial shift in tractors, agriculture equipment and commodities in the auctions and when they change.

[18:25] — DPA’s emphasize on strategic marketing and an updated look at marketing as a whole.

[21:13] — Who the influencers and decision makers are, and how they can interact to make the best decisions.

[22:01] — How long Brandon has been doing these social media videos and what he thinks about technology in agriculture.

[22:56] —  Phil asks about the metrics and feedback DPA has received from these videos.

[24:03] — Brandon’s perspective on innovation

[25:03] — DPA’s biggest competitors and the major difference between his company and others

[28:20] — Brandon’s ten year plan and outlook

[27:21] — Ending points and a quote from the author.

[27:50] — Closing remarks



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