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Agripreneur Podcast

Where Argiculture meets Entrepreneurship! Agripreneur blends agriculture and entrepreneurship together to promote growth in the agricultural sector. The Agripreneur Podcast will have exciting and educational interviews with entrepreneurs and business leaders to understand their thought process and risk management practices with a emphasis of tying the information back to farm operations bringing value to farmers and other individuals in the Ag sector. The Agripreneur Podcast will address the pain points farmers have and understand the pain points of the bankers, ag salesman and others in the agricultural field and will work toward identifying a common ground in where all Agripreneurs can thrive.

Jul 28, 2018

Episode Recap:

In this week’s episode of the Agripreneur Podcast, Phil and Landon sit down with Brandon Peterson of DPA Auctions, SELFiD, and many other companies. His passion for entrepreneurship and building businesses is what got him to where he is today. There is a lot to be covered when it comes to a conversation...

Jul 13, 2018

Episode Recap:

Agripreneur had the pleasure of sitting down with Jason Mauck, CEO and Farmer of Constant Canopy. Jason has garnered a strong following on Twitter and brings a fresh perspective to the Agriculture game.

Phil and him discuss how he got started in agriculture, what’s working for him, and a...

Jul 4, 2018

Growing a YouEconomy


Episode Recap:

On this Fourth of July, the hosts are joined by John Pfanner, a commodity consultant at Tredas. Today’s episode is all about building a personal brand, as they take a look at the article, “3 Lessons for Growing a YouEconomy,” by Emma Johnson of

Now more than ever,...